gtex-letter is a handy way to write letters. It provides the power of the different LaTeX-letter-classes, but hides all LaTeX-code behind an easy to use interface.


  • A good looking interface, based on the gnome-desktop.
  • Serial letters are supported.
  • Multiple letter headers can be accessed from within the application.
  • Standard openings and default closings can be configured.
  • These openings can be configured to adopt to the sex of the addressee automatically.
  • You can choose from three different user interfaces. Novice is very easy for the beginner, intermediate is the standard way, expert is straight forward, all on one big page.
  • The application can swallow text you pipe into it, being it the address or the text of the letter.
  • A special non-interactive mode lets you produce standard-letters in an extremely efficient way.
  • gtex-letter connects to the gnome-address-book from the gnome-pim package.

    gtex-letter is implemented in python and based on gnome.


    This is the opening-page of the intermediate-level user interface. Notice the three buttons to access the predefined openings on a click. They are adopted to the address chosen.

    Click to see a screenshot of the novice-level user interface and the expert user interface.


    The current version is 0.31. You can download it from here (45k).

    The older releases are gtex-letter-0.30, gtex-letter-0.21, gtex-letter-0.20, gtex-letter-0.12, gtex-letter-0.13 and gtex-letter-0.14.


    gtex-letter depends on gnome, LaTeX and python. Gnome-libs 1.2.8 and gtk 1.2.8 should work, your usual LaTeX distribution will be all right and concerning python, you should at least install 1.5.2. Pygnome should be above version pygnome-1.0.52-1.

    Mailing list:

    I have created a mailing list for those interested in the project. The list meant to be a place to discuss gtex-letter. Bugs, suggestions, upcoming features and the announcement of new releases. Click here to subscribe.

    Your feedback is very much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to get back to me.
    christian folini.

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